Bovingdon Neighbourhood Plan - Young People Survey
For young people at secondary school
Please complete this survey by 30th July 2019
1 What do you like about living in Bovingdon? *
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2 What do you dislike about living in Bovingdon? *
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3 Please list any clubs or groups to which you belong and where they are based (5 maximum): *
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4 What facilities would you like to see in Bovingdon for children and Young People? (3 maximum) *
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5 How would you like to see the Memorial Hall used in the future? *
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6 How do you use the green spaces (Bovingdon Green, playing fields etc) and,or countryside around Bovingdon? *
7 Where do you want to live when you're older? *
8 Should more homes be built which are affordable for young people so you can choose to stay in Bovingdon? *
9 Will the style of home you choose be like a traditional house in Bovingdon or more modern? *
10 Would you like to live somewhere with shared or private outside space? *
11 How can new homes in Bovingdon be made more environmentally friendly? *
12 How important is good Broadband speed and service for your future home? *
Not Important
13 How do you travel to school most often? (Tick one only) *
14 Do you use public transport? *
15 Does public transport meet your needs?
If you answered "No" to the last question, how could public transport be improved?
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16 Do you cycle around Bovingdon? *
17 Would you like to have cycle paths? *
18 Where would you like the cycle paths to be? *
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19 Which shops/businesses do you use in the High Street? *
20 What new businesses or shops you would like to see in the High Street? *
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21 What school year are you in ? *
22 What school do you go to? *
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Thank you!
If you would like to get involved or make any more comments , please email us at
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