Questionnaire RESPONSible Travel Peru
1. This questionnaire will guide you through the most important things we need to know from you. Or you can also email us at and give your contact details so we can speak through Skype, Whatsapp or on the phone.

2. One of our travel designers will get in touch with you to fill in the gaps and get ready to send you a first draft itinerary.

3. Once the preliminary idea of the trip is conceived, we will send you a first full description of the trip and its price.

4. If you want to keep on improving in detail every aspect of the trip, we will request a good faith deposit of $100 deductible from the final price.

5. From that moment and on, together with your travel designer you’ll work on your Peru trip until it’s just perfect.

Note: Given the kind of trips we organize and the dedication provided, we only accept travel enquiries of six or more days. We hope you understand.
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