Working Together to Support Washington County Business
The Washington County Chamber of Commerce is gathering stories, data, and recommendations from our member businesses to see how they are being impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. We are in regular contact with our local, state, and federal officials and are sharing the impact of the steps taken to fight the spread of COVID-19 on area businesses, as well as advising them on programs and support services they should implement to assist businesses during these difficult economic times.

There are many support programs being considered at all levels of government and other organizations. Your feedback is critical to ensure that limited resources are being strategically provided to the areas businesses and their employees need most.

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What changes have you made in your daily operations in response to the current environment? Please explain.
What support could government provide your business to help you during this time? (low interest loans, grants, delay of tax payments, etc.). NOTE: a complete list of resources and available economic stimulus programs are located at
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