Faraday Residents Association Survey
We are collecting information on how we can make our organization more effective for you.
If we were to change our name, which name change would you prefer?
What day for meetings works best for you?
How frequently should meetings be held?
If possible, would you like it if our community representatives attended our meetings? (City Councillor, MLA, MP)
What community issues are important to you?
Your answer
What events/workshops would you be interested in attending?
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How would you like our communications sent to you?
If you were unable to attend our previous meetings, what kept you from attending?
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Would you be interested in volunteering for future events?
How can we serve the community better?
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What are some positive attributes of our association?
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What are some negative attributes of our association?
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If we were to revive our Block Representatives feature again, would you consider being a block representative? (BRs pass out information on their block, act as a liaison between the association and the residents on their block)
We meet at Faraday School to keep costs low ($50 permit for the year). Does this location work for you?
Do you have any other suggestions/comments?
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