Medical Humanities Fellowship

This is the application for the Spring 2019 Medical Humanities Fellowship at the Collegium Institute, as described below.

What are the core values of medical practice, and have they changed over time? What is wellness in a holistic sense? How can a profession focused on health help us to deal with death? And how can art and storytelling impact the patient experience? Collegium’s Medical Humanities Fellowship will consider these questions and more in a series of luncheons through the spring semester, each led jointly by a clinician and a scholar of the humanities. By the end of the semester, Fellows will formulate a personal philosophy of clinical practice reflecting an approach to medicine which is human-centered rather than problem-centered. Though the Collegium Institute is a Catholic scholarly foundation, this program is open to and oriented towards students of all backgrounds. Tentative topics include the following:

Prose, Art, and Aesthetic in Medicine
Equity, Equality, and the Patient-Physician Relationship
Mental Illness, Wellness, and Spirituality
Healthy Dying: On Mortality, Disability, and Human Flourishing
Revisiting the Hippocratic Oath

Contact Carolyn Chow at with any questions you may have.

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