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This is a no pressure fun "challenge" event for all crafters. The goal of this challenge is to help you provide a little direction to your crafting in 2021. At the end of the year, we celebrate that we finished 12 projects! Each month participants will be entered into a drawing for a monthly prize, and participants who finish all 12 of their project goals will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing. You will get to set your own challenges/goals-have you always wanted to learn Brioche knitting, lace, cables, etc? This challenge will allow you to set your own goals and work at your own pace.
Official Rules:
• Each month pick 1 challenge or goal to complete.
• You must finish a project each month in order to qualify for the drawings.
• You must set all 12 goals when you join the challenge. But each quarter we will allow you to update or change your remaining goals.
• If your goal is a pair of things like socks or mittens, you must complete both to qualify for the monthly drawing.
• You must finish your monthly project in the month that you set that particular goal.
• Make your goals as specific or vague as you want! "Make a hat", "Make a hat with cables", "Make the Tin Can Knits Antler Hat" all perfectly acceptable goals!
• Goals can be knit or crotchet projects.
• WIP's are allowed but we are limiting them to 3.
• We will be drawing a prize each month for people who complete their challenge goals. With a grand prize drawing (valued at least $100) for anyone who finishes all 12 months.
• You must complete a monthly check-in and provide a picture of your finished object in order to be entered into the drawings. (The Yarn Shop staff will be happy to help you take your photo.)
• Receive extra drawing entries when you purchase your yarn/craft supplies from The Yarn Shop. To qualify for extra entries your project must be made from at least 50% supplies from The Yarn Shop
• Join at any time!

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Do I have to choose all 12 goals at once?
-Yes, but you will have a chance each quarter to change or update your remaining goals.

Once I set my goal can I change it later?
-Yes, each quarter we will send you a form that allows you to change your remaining goals. You will receive your change form in the email that you provided during sign up at the beginning of each quarter and you will have one week to make your changes.

I missed the January sign up date! Can I still participate?
-Of course! Complete the sign-up sheet placing "NA" in the months that have already passed. You will still be eligible to win monthly prizes but will not be eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Can I set a goal to finish 5 projects in one month and then get 5 entries for the monthly prize?
-No, the only way to earn extra entries is to complete your project with at least 50% yarn purchased at The Yarn Shop.

I'm terrible at taking pictures, do I have to submit one to qualify for the giveaway?
-Yes, we would want to see your amazing finished object. We are happy to help you take a picture at The Yarn Shop.

Do I have to finish my project to qualify for the drawings?
-Yes, you MUST finish your goal project in the month that listed it as a goal to qualify.

When you say finished, what do you mean?
-All of the stitchwork must be complete and any seams must be sewn. But it is okay if you haven't woven in ends or blocked your project.

Can I make one sock in February and the second sock in March to qualify for the monthly drawing?
-No, any project that is a pair of things, like socks or mittens, must be a complete pair to qualify.

If I don't complete my monthly goal can I participate in the next month?
-Of course! You would not be eligible for the Grand Prize at the end of the year but will still be eligible for the monthly drawings.

Do I have to do a different type of project each month?
-No! If you want to set a goal each month to complete a hat, or knit a pair of socks each month, etc. you can!

Will WIP's qualify?
-You may use up to 3 WIP's-but you do have to finish your project in the month that you have set that project as a goal.

Can I set a goal to learn a new skill, like brioche?
-Yes, but you must complete a brioche project to qualify for the drawings.

What will the monthly prizes be?
-We will have a variety of prizes throughout the year.

What will the grand prize be?
-We will be developing the grand prize through out the year, but it will have a value of at least $100.

Can I have knitting and crocheting goals?
-Yes! Feel empowered to mix it up if you like both crafts!

I have more questions! How can I contact you?
-Please direct additional questions to twelveintwelvechallenge@gmail.com.

Sample Challenge Goals:
January: Knit something brioche
Feb: Use yarn from my "leftovers" basket
Mar: Knit a sweater for the husband
Apr: Make something with yarn that has been in my stash for longer than 3 years.
May: Knit a cowl
June: Make a summer top
July: Make something with lace
August: Make a shawl
Sept: Knit a sweater for me
Oct: Make the Garden Gate Sweater
Nov: Knit Colorwork
Dec: Knit something with lace and cables.
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