Student Thanksgiving Registration Form 2019
Registration deadline: November 11 , 2019
Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 28, 2019. Students will be placed on a first-come first-served basis.
Each year MFIS volunteers and their families invite international students, scholars and their families to join them in their homes for Thanksgiving hospitality. Experience this American holiday with a local family to share traditional food, family and traditions.

What is Thanksgiving, you wonder? In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln set aside the fourth Thursday of each November as a National Day of Thanksgiving in the U.S. On this day, many Americans traditionally enjoy a large meal with family and friends, in commemoration of our country's earliest residents, European settlers and Indians who had long liven on the land in a harvest feast known as the first Thanksgiving. These days, Americans also might watch football, play games or plan shopping trips for the next day, "Black Friday", when stores have special sales and hours for pre-Christmas shoppers.

Last year over 250 students, scholars and their families from countries across the globe participated in this program. Given this interest, please submit your application early, no later than the NOVEMBER 11th deadline.
Fill in the fields below. If you would like family members or friends who are also international students to join you, submit only ONE form on behalf of the entire group.

We will begin matching on November 1st. You will be contacted by your host within 7-10 days. If your plans change after that and you are no longer able to attend, let your host and MFIS know immediately.

Typically we have more requests from students than hosts but our volunteers work very hard to match you with a family. When this is not possible, we will notify you about other community celebrations on Thanksgiving Day. Either way, you will have a Thanksgiving to remember!
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The following questions will help MFIS to place you with a Thanksgiving host. Please note that there are commonly more student requests than host families. MFIS tries its best to accommodate each student request.
Are you/all the members of your group comfortable being placed in a home with pets? *
If you answered no, please provide any specific information that may be helpful (example: allergic to cats, fear of dogs, etc.)
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Only one person in the group submits this form. By completeing this form, you agree to serve as the contact between the host and the group regarding transportation and any other needs.
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