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The National College Transition Network (NCTN) is seeking instructors, college and career navigators and coaches in adult education, workforce development and community college programs who want to help program participants improve their Personal and Workplace Success Skills (PWSS).

Participating programs will incorporate a PWSS Library resource into instruction or advising/coaching and document your experiences for case studies that will be included in the Library to illustrate ways the resource can be used. NCTN will provide support in selecting, implementing and submitting reflections on resources that teach Personal and Workplace Success Skills.

Completing this form indicates that you are interested in learning more about the case study development process, expectations of participating programs, and the Library resources that might be the best fit for your program context.

After we receive your interest form, we will schedule a call to learn more about your program and participants, discuss resources you might choose to implement, and begin to flesh out a customized implementation plan.

Please note that the majority of resources gathered to date are for people with intermediate/advanced level of English proficiency and appropriate for High School Equivalency and transition to college, college, workforce development audiences. However, there are resources that are appropriate for, or could be adapted for beginning and intermediate levels.
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