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We all know that the high-end of the market is where the money is to be made.
But, for many of us, that tier of domain name is unattainable.  Until now.

Hi, I'm Aron Meystedt, and I've sold millions of dollars in domain names in the past few years alone:  XF.com, OC.com, NL.com, LK.com, QR.com, HY.com, SZ.com, XZ.com, Black.com, Quick.com, Cute.com, Digital.com, DEC.com, Classic.com, Luxe.com, MutualFunds.com and dozens of others.  You might remember the auctions we held at Heritage (HA.com).

I am offering a prime three-letter .com for fractional ownership:   NNR.com
This means that you are now able to own shares in NNR.com, as we are splitting ownership among everyone.
Below, you can select how many shares of NNR.com you wish to purchase.  This is an amazing three-letter .com!

The stated wholesale value is:  $30,000
The price per share is $100
There are only 300 total shares that will exist.

This is an opportunity to own a stake in a very valuable name, without spending a fortune.
You will hold a percentage ownership in this asset, depending on how many shares you pick up.
Limit of 30 shares per person.

Enter your name, email address and the number of shares you want to buy.
Additional terms are below, including the 100% refund I am offering.

Thank you!
Aron Meystedt
March.com (in progress)

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Name *
How many shares do you wish to purchase?  ($100 each, limit 30 per person) *
Additional Terms
* Limit of 30 shares per person.  No one person will hold more than 10% of the total shares.  First come, first served.  
* After all shares are sold, I will invoice the buyers.  You will have 48 hours to fill your order.
* The domain name will remain in transfer-lock status at GoDaddy indefinitely - or until a third-party acquires it.  
* I will pay renewal fees.
* The domain name will not be used.  It will host a landing page inviting offers.
* If less than 50% of the 300 shares are purchased by January 1, 2020, I will refund all buyers.

* We are creating an exchange where you can sell your shares.  Development is in progress.
* On June 1st, if no exchange exists, you have the option to keep your shares or sell them back to me for a 100% refund.
* Once our platform is completed, you will be given an account that holds your shares.

* It is understood that March.com maintains the database of 'shares and their owners' and you don't have the ability to resell your position - just yet.  Once the exchange is live, you can get liquidity (or if the domain name sells).
* If all 300 shares sell quickly, and buyers are willing to pay a premium over your purchase price, I will notify you.
* It is understood that I am not managing your money and you are not relying on me to actively work on making you a profit.

* If a third-party wishes to buy NNR.com - selling will require a majority vote of the shareholders.  Your vote value will be based on shares owned (weighted average).  You will have 48 hours to respond to the offer.
* Of course, the goal is to sell the name for well above $30,000 and distribute the profits to the owners.
* No promises can be made about generating a profit from this endeavor.

* If the name is stolen, expires or is lost in a UDRP, I will refund the shareholders.
* You agree to these terms when you purchase.

*** Make sure your email address is correct, above.

Thank you and welcome aboard!
Aron Meystedt

Questions:  info@napkin.com 

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