Parkwood Garden Club Membership Drive
Welcome to the Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) Online Membership Form. Please complete the Membership Form even if you were in last year’s directory. This ensures we have your latest contact information and approval to publish your contact information.  We only need one form per household - electronic OR hard copy.  Thank you!

3 Ways to Pay (Deadline is Oct. 31)

1. Paypal ( - $87 ($85 membership fee plus $2 processing fee) to,  

2. Mail - $85 check payable to Parkwood Garden Club, PO Box 3472, Decatur GA 30031-3472, or

3. Drop Off - $85 check payable to Parkwood Garden Club to Membership Chair at 271 West Parkwood Road.

What does membership include?

Green Space Maintenance

The PGC owns Parkwood Park.  It is not a city or county park.  As a result, the majority of annual dues, about 65%, are used for routine maintenance of the park, the triangle and traffic circle near East Lake and the new median at the East/West cut-through.  This is a beautiful oasis for our families and neighbors to enjoy, but it takes a village, or a garden club in this case, to care for it!

Social Events

Fall and Spring Block Parties: Our fall block party on Upland Road is always fun including opportunities to socialize, eat and fun activities for the kids. In the summer, the block party is typically hosted at a neighbors home.  In 2021 our summer social was hosted by Carol and David Hill. Families enjoyed great food while mingling with neighbors and friends.

Neighbor Care

The Parkwood Neighbor Care Chair delivers welcome notes and the gift of a plant to new neighbors. In addition, the Neighbor Care Chair helps to organize meal trains (following the birth of a child, during periods of illness etc.), sympathy and get well notes.


Neighborhood Directory: This printed booklet includes contact information for fellow neighbors, a Parkwood map, neighbor-recommended vendors (plumbers, painters, etc.) and contact information for neighbors who offer services such as babysitting or yard work.

E-mail Communications: Members receive all neighborhood-wide news (social events, park updates, City of Decatur happenings, etc.).  

Website: The PGC Board maintains the neighborhood website ( that contains information like meeting minutes and useful ordinances.  

Facebook Page: This is a closed Facebook group that all neighbors can join. It serves as a place to post neighborhood updates, missing pets, requests for babysitting or house care, and general needs that neighbors can assist each other with.

To put it in perspective, dues are only $7 a month.  That cheaper than a glass of wine at Leon's!  If you’ve been a member in the past, we hope you’ll join us again this year. If you’re new or considering joining for the first time, you’re in for a great year!  Paying dues this September covers membership January 1 through December 31, 2023.  

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation that ONLY supports the care of Parkwood Park, please make a separate donation to Parkwood Park through Park Pride using the Parkwood Park Tax Deductible Contribution form.  The form can be downloaded from here:  Park Donation Form.    

For more information on Parkwood Park, please visit the Park's page of the PGC website here:
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