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Hello! My name is Elaine Giles and I am an artist from the California Bay Area. I focus on illustration, painting, and printmaking. One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is being internally driven to create something based on personal inspiration, so I rarely do commission-based work.

That being said, another one of my favorite parts of my job is collaborating with people who are doing cool things in different fields of work. As an artist, I know the power that effective design can have for a nonprofit, business, musician, and more. I love to accept commissions based on my initial inspiration from the prompt and focus, and I really love to use my art to advocate for social change.

Please also note that I am a self-taught fine artist and do not have a degree in graphic design. I feel best suited for and passionate about fine art related projects that draw upon my already developed art style, examples of which can be seen on my site at www.artbyelaine.co.

The following form will detail some of the questions that I consider while deciding whether or not to take on a new commission. Please fill this out and then feel free to send me an email at elaine@artbyelaine.co with a quick introduction and notification that you filled out this form.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Feel free to skip this one if you are seeking a personal commission.
What is a goal that you would hope a commission would achieve?
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Anything that may help me begin to visualize is great, such as themes, colors, phrases, etc. Very general ideas work, too! If you have a photo inspiration (or one of my pieces that you like), you can add links below as well. :)
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Are you interested in being considered for a subsidized commission fee?
If you are working with a group or organization that is working towards social good and believe that you would benefit from a free or reduced commission cost, this is for you!
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Are you interested in being considered for a fundraiser commission partnership?
I often participate in campaigns for nonprofit organizations where I create designs for them, sell them, and donate 100% of the profit to them. Some organizations I have done this for are: the Equal Justice Initiative, the ACLU, Project Open Hand, the Center for Justice & Reconciliation, and Mutual Aid Funds.
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Social Media, Websites, Video Links, Music Files, etc.
Anything that might give me a better sense of your work! (Feel free to skip this if you are inquiring about a personal commission)
Anything else? :)
Thank you so much for filling this form out and letting me know a little bit more about your interest in a commission!
I am very grateful for your appreciation of my art and hope to speak with you soon. After submitting this form, please send me an email giving a quick introduction and letting me know that you filled out this form to ensure that I see it. Please email me at elaine@artbyelaine.co. Thanks again!
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