High Holidays Registration | 5780 / 2019
We look forward to spending the High Holidays with you at Bet Shalom this year. This year we will issue tickets to every member household, as well as a ticket to give to an unaffiliated member of the Jewish community. We encourage everyone to make a donation to Bet Shalom during the High Holidays.

The following sections will allow you to register for:
1) Break-the-Fast;
2) Childcare;
3) Making a donation for family and friends joining you at services; and/or
4) Ordering lulav and etrog.

You only need to fill out the sections that apply to you.

If you plan to use childcare at the synagogue or purchase a lulav and etrog set, you must complete this form by no later than September 15, 2019

Please click on the following link to see a full schedule of Bet Shalom's 2019 High Holy Day Services: https://www.betshalom.org/ritual-prayer/upcoming-holidays/
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