Senior Project Feedback Survey
We know you have not yet completed your project, but we are starting to prepare for next year's seniors and your input would be invaluable to our decision process.
This year, senior project was managed in two classes, English and your creative pathway class. We are trying to determine if this is the best model or if we should make changes to this model. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability at this stage in your project.
The research I completed in my creative pathway class (academic journal, documentary, student generated data, etc.) (check all that apply) :
Which best summarizes your feelings about your Creative Pathway class?
There is an idea to make a one semester senior project class for completing the paper. This means you would have a regular English class (no senior project work), a creative pathway class where you just worked on your creative work, and this new class. Does this sound better than the current model?
Please explain your answer:
Your answer
Having two teachers (English and Creative Pathway) help me with my project was:
Do you have any other feedback for us, regarding how we structure senior project?
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By the way, did we mention that we think you are awesome? Please continue to prove to us what geniuses you all are as you approach your final presentations!
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