Kaibigang Pilipin@'s 29th annual High School Conference: Leap of Faith | Workshop Host Form
Hello! Thank you for your interest in becoming a workshop host for this year's High School Conference.

Workshops are one of the many essential components that make the conference what it is. Workshops are meant to empower, educate, and show students the various opportunities college has to offer. Your workshop idea can leave an impact on the students, so let's work together to expand their minds!

We, the Youth Outreach Coordinators (Hannah Legaspi & Benjamin Jocson III), as well as the Workshops Co-Coordinators (Isabella Cayanan & Giovanni Sabio), are here to help and want to make your workshop a reality!

The theme this year is "Leap of Faith" which finds its inspiration from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Miles Morales is a teen from Brooklyn, struggling with his own issues as he adjusts to a new school. On top of that, he must learn to carry the mantle of being Spider-Man, as he meets various different versions of the iconic superhero in different forms, from different dimension across the universe. Our protagonist Miles learns from this experienced community of Spider-People throughout the film and ultimately is so empowered by them that he goes on to defeat the main villain, Kingpin. While the average person won’t have to deal with a responsibility as great as this, the overall message is still one worth conveying. In correlation to the work I do, the film can be related to how students in underserved or underrepresented communities often view their pursuit of higher education as an additional, significant responsibility that they have to endure on their own. KP’s High School Conference aids these underrepresented communities all throughout San Diego to help students grow as individuals, realize the resources and communities out there that will support them, and connect them to people who have gone through situations similar to the ones they are currently experiencing. In the film, Miles wondered when he would know for sure that he was Spider-Man. In local neighborhoods, students are wondering if they are fit to be in college. For both sides, people are around encouraging and building them up. All that is left for them to do now is take a leap of faith.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact ucsdkp.outreach@gmail.com.
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