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Twice a year, Atlantic Housing Foundation, Inc. (AHF ) awards scholarships to individuals from families with income below the 100% of HUD establish medium income level for the city/county of residence. The academic or housing scholarship are provided to full time students enrolled in a two year, four year or vocational institution. For the duration of her/his collegiate studies the awardee is required to maintain in each semester a 2.5 GPA, and participate in 40 hours of community service. The academic scholarship is a traditional financial disbursement, while the housing scholarship is a subsidized housing voucher at a qualifying university.

In addition, there are three specific degree program scholarships offered (when available). The Sharon Murphy Excellence in Education Scholarship and The Sharon Whaley Scholarship for Educators are awarded to students majoring in Education degrees. The Bart Marantz Legacy Scholarship is for students studying the Arts. (Please indicate in OTHER if you are applying for a specific scholarship on the application).

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Atlantic Housing Foundation was founded in 1999, as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to develop and preserve quality affordable housing and related services for low and moderate income families, helping Residents improve their lives. Atlantic Housing Foundation is committed to help their Residents by providing services that foster a sense of community, improve quality of life, promote personal growth and advancement.

Application Checklist for AHF Academic and Housing Scholarships:

In order to be considered for an AHF Academic or Housing* Scholarship, the Applicant must submit all of the following items, prior to the applicable deadline: (The deadlines are April 30th for Fall semester and October 30th for Spring. Everything must be completed by this time to be considered for a scholarship by the AHF Scholarship Committee.

Application Form – Fully completed application form, signed by Applicant.
Essay – A typed essay (no more than two (2) pages, double spaced), which is to include your biographic history and financial justification for scholarship consideration.
Tax Return -- Copy of most recent tax return (e.g., form 1040, etc.) for the Applicant and Applicant’s family (if Applicant is a dependent for tax purposes)
Transcript --Copy of high school transcript, if you are entering college as a freshman, OR ~ Copy of current college transcripts (official) if you have completed at least one semester on the college level. (Note that Applicant must have at least a 2.5 GPA.)
Recommendations -- Two (2) letters of recommendation.

For questions regarding the Scholarship Program, please email

IMPORTANT NOTE: AHF retains the right to suspend this scholarship program without prior notice or further legal obligation.

*Atlantic Housing Foundation offers housing scholarships for students attending college/university in Huntsville, Denton, and San Marcos, TX.

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