AIR 2019 - Rego 全島特跑2019 - 報名表
Run Date: 4/20/2019
活動日期: 2019年4月20日

Register deadline: 3/15/2019
報名最後期限: 2019年3月15日

Hare: Mijo Slut
Co-Hares: Mountain Pig, Big John, Lick a Spick

Location: Tongxiao, Miaoli (google map:
起跑點: 苗栗通霄迴鄉驛站 (谷歌地圖:

It's A to B run, and A, B are not close
路線起終點不同喔~ 且起終點相距甚遠

4/21 CH3 & H4 Joint Run will be at Miaoli, book your spot now... Don't Miss it
4/21 台灣健龍和新竹捷虎聯合亂將在苗栗舉行,千萬別錯過!!!

Option A: AIR only is 1,400 NTD including BUS, RUN, DOWN DOWN, BEER, WATER, SNACKs, AIR VEST, and BASH
選項A: 只參加AIR 費用為 1,400 新台幣,包括趴踢巴士、跑步、噹噹、啤酒、水、小點、AIR紀念背心和晚宴

Option B: AIR + Sarong is 1,900 NTD, including BUS, RUN, DOWN DOWN, BEER, WATER, SNACKs, AIR VEST, BASH, and AIR sarong
選項B: 參加AIR 且加購沙龍 費用為 1,900 NTD,包括趴踢巴士、跑步、噹噹、啤酒、水、小點、晚宴、AIR紀念背心和AIR沙龍裙
** Sarong order deadline is 2/20
** 沙龍最後加購日為 2/20

Option C: AIR + CH3/H4 Joint Run is 3,300 NTD including 4/20 HOTEL, BUS, 2 RUNs, 2 DOWN DOWNs, BEERs, WATER, SNACKs, AIR VEST, AIR SARONG and 2 BASHes
選項C: 參加AIR和聯合跑 費用為 3,300 NTD,包括 4/20住宿、趴踢巴士、跑步、噹噹、啤酒、水、小點、晚宴、AIR紀念背心和AIR沙龍裙


Please transfer Rego Fee to the following bank account:
China Trust
Bank code: 822
Account: 0000772540176104

銀行代碼: 822
帳號: 0000772540176104

** Early bird gifts are on progressing, more details will be updated soon
** 正在計劃早鳥禮,之後會再公布詳細內容

ALL QUERIES TO: with the title "AIR2019"
有任何問題請 e-mail 至 請將郵件標題加上 "AIR2019"

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