Intentional Living House Application Fall '19 + Spring '20
We at the Intentional Living House strive to live consciously in a diverse, mindful, and inclusive community. This means that everyone who signs on is agreeing to think about everyone else—including the Intentional Living House residents, our custodial staff, the administration, and the wider Middlebury community. We understand that within the academic atmosphere of the college it is difficult to take the time to appreciate all the people who are brought together here. Our common room serves as a place to slow down, get to know one another, and continue an ongoing dialogue about the ways we navigate our lives. We are based in Meeker House, a cozy and beautiful space where our group can foster a closer-knit group and provide a better opportunity to focus on what it means to live intentionally.

Six years ago, the idea of the Intentional Living House was started with the hope of creating a space to generate mutual respect and care for each other and the larger college and town communities. Over the past six years, we’ve hosted international dinners, conversations with professors, group meditations, poetry readings, and house events ranging from prom parties to Mt. Mansfield hikes. We’ve also made an effort to get to know our custodial and maintenance staff and are conscious of how our actions affect their work. Every semester we hold a wonderful house breakfast with this incredible group of people.

Many members enter the house knowing only a select few, but over time, grow to become a part of a close-knit and supportive community. Living in this house is a minimal time commitment, but it is only as meaningful as the work each member puts in.

Please feel free to spread the word! We expect that there will be more applications than our new space in Meeker can hold. We conduct a blind application process to ensure an unbiased selection of new residents. Please keep in mind that being a part of a community means compromising, and certain kinds of living spaces (i.e. singles, certain rooms) can not be guaranteed.*

Email current coordinator Itzel Diaz ( with any questions!

DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 16, 2018 by midnight!

*ADA accommodations will of course be considered in this process.
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