Empower Your Essence
Please answer these few questions. It will only take you 5 minutes or the rest of your life to find the answers.
1. What is your biggest challenge right now in your life?
2. What keeps you stuck in that challenge?
3. What story are you dragging around that is heavy?
4. Do you want a better story?
5. What saps your energy and light most?
6. Are you wanting more?
7. If so, what are you willing to do to get more of what you seek?
8. What meditation did you choose from this section?
9. How have you changed your diet?
10. What good to great things are you feeding yourself?
11. What opened up for you with this section?
12. What habit have you released?
13. What habit are you consciously embracing?
14. Have you scheduled something you really want to do that you love and never let yourself do?
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