2018-2019 IBC Sunday School Registration
Hello IBC Family!

The new Sunday School year is fast approaching and we need your participation!

Here’s how you can help:

Pray for us. Your prayers are very important to us! Please pray regularly for God to bless our efforts to teach the word of God from week to week.

Work alongside us. Our teachers are greatly encouraged when you take an active interest in what goes on in the classroom. Please be bold and ask questions, bring up any concerns you may have, sit in on classes, and review Sunday School lessons at home. We desire your input and participation, and are grateful for your commitment to bring your children to class each week!

Be aware of what we do. Our Sunday School team takes very seriously the privilege of supporting and reinforcing your work of evangelizing and discipling your children. We are committed to faithfully serve Christ and you by giving ourselves to prayer, studying God’s word and our curriculum, and gathering monthly for Sunday School teacher meetings.

Thank you for your support and involvement! We pray that by God’s grace, our mutual efforts will be fruitful and impact the next generations for His glory and their good.

Joe King | Sunday School Coordinator

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