UC Orientation 2019 Leader Application
LEADERS are a crucial part of Orientation Week; they are role models and mentors for first year students at University College. Leaders must be enthusiastic, approachable, and have the best interests of the first year students in mind. They are responsible for leading their groups and attending to their Leader Assignments during the week.

HEAD LEADERS (2 assigned per house) are responsible for organizing the Leader team, attending Head Leader Meetings during the summer, in addition to working closely with Execs and Dons. Head Leader is a large responsibility, and they are the glue that holds houses together during the week.

To apply for a Leader or Head Leader position, please submit your answers to this form, as well as a ***CREATIVE COMPONENT*** emailed to orientation@uclit.ca. Creative components could be anything! Some examples include videos, pictures, poems, etc., which can be about Orientation or about you! HEAD LEADERS are also required to submit a HEAD SHOT along with their creative component.

If you are applying for a HEAD LEADER position (which you can indicate in the form below), please be aware that you will need to attend ONE Head Leader Carousel event on EITHER Friday March 15th at 4 PM, or Saturday March 16th at 11 AM.

In order to be a Leader or Head Leader, you MUST be available for the following dates:
• JOLT training session in August, exact dates TBD
• Leader Training in the afternoon of August 30th and all day August 31st
• Move-In Day September 1st
• Orientation Week September 2nd to September 7th
We understand that many Leaders will be moving in themselves September 1st. Please try to make yourself as available as possible throughout the week because we need as much help as possible when moving in those who live in residence. Also, if you are absolutely unable to find living accommodations for the Leader Training dates at the end of August, we will do our best to provide accommodations.

LEADERS will have to attend one 15 minute INTERVIEW (more information provided after applications close).

Applications HAVE BEEN EXTENDED and are now due by Thursday, March 14th, 2019 at 11:59pm.

If you have any further questions about the Leader or Head Leader application, please email Jessie Cripton and Maša Stojanović, Orientation Co-Chairs, at orientation@uclit.ca.

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Head Leader applicants MUST attend ONE 2-hour Head Leader Carousel on EITHER March 15th at 4 PM or 16th at 11 AM. More information will be provided in a follow-up email. Additionally, Head Leaders MUST email a headshot of themselves to orientation@uclit.ca along with their Creative Component.
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Please know that you are applying to be an general Orientation LEADER, and although we will try to put you in your house of choice, this is not guaranteed.
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Transitioning into university can be stressful for incoming first year students, and Orientation can be overwhelming. What are some of the biggest challenges that Frosh face and how will you as a Leader help support and guide their transition? *
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UC is known for valuing inclusivity and equity, and it is important for leaders to promote them during Orientation. What are some challenges that you as Leader would face in upholding these principles and how will you overcome them? *
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