Ask the Stars Advice Column
Hello! Mrs. Ciano here! I am one of the special educators here at State Road and I am also on the PBIS team! A group of students and I would like to host an advice column to answer questions and give advice or resources for social and emotional situations here at school and in our community. We would like to provide real-life, kid-friendly answers to real questions that kids, classrooms, teachers and parents have!! In addition to our response, we will be practicing our research skills to provide supporting, research-based materials, handouts, links, and more!

Please ask your questions or give your situations via our Google form. When providing a question or situation, please be detailed, but do not include names or individual identifying characteristics. Use phrases such as, “a friend of mine” or other general phrases.

We will publish our responses through our school’s newsletter and/or through our Facebook page.

Thank you for your participation! We know that if one person has a question, it's like someone else has the same one!
What is your Social/Emotional question or situation that you would like more information on? *
If you (or your class) would like to be recognized for your question, please provide your name or alias.
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