GameLab 2.0 @SalfordUni #MSF18

In partnership with Manchester Science Festival, the University of Salford is re-booting GameLab (20-21 Oct, 2018), a massively multiplayer gaming experience at our Media City building, produced in collaboration with VR Manchester. If you missed us last year, check out this video and see what it felt like:
Last year at GameLab....
Do you have a VR/AR experience you'd like to show everyone?
If so, then we'd love you to come along and show off your VR and gaming experiences, in an event that will foster collaboration between industry and academic researchers. We are very keen to invite tenants from The Landing to take part and leave this document open for you to submit your information.

The event runs from 20-21 October, 11am-5pm and will take place at the University's amazing Media City building. We would need you to be in the building on the 20th for 9am and we'd ask you to ensure your installation can be attended over the course of the weekend. We'll feed and water you, ensure you can take breaks, and create some great video content for you to push out as promo, and ensure your content reaches people who've never seen your kind of work before. We'll also ensure that your company is brought to the attention of our world-leading academic researchers, to help broker future collaborations. A big part of this weekend is for you to connect with us and our VR work, which is growing rapidly at Salford.

To take part, please complete as much of this form as you can and we'll drop you a line to follow up. We are looking for inspiring virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality work, where you can come along and demonstrate it to a young adult public (12-18 year olds mostly, but all ages). We'd ask you bring your own equipment for your installation and know your set up, but if you need other things, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

It is important that the content is accessible to a younger audience and we will provide signage to inform people of risks related to any young people under the age of 13.

Please use this form to register your interest to take part and tell us about what you'd like to do.

Thanks a lot!

Professor @andymiah
The #SciComm Space @Salford Uni

Any questions, please contact Andy Miah and check in with us using the Twitter hashtag #GameLab2018

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