Boredomfighters Instrument Donation Form

Thanks for your consideration in donating your instrument to The Boredomfighters Foundation!

Every instrument helps. We take these instruments on the road with us as we attend schools in need and events.
They are used in our mobile production studio and donated to the kids that they resonate with.

We would love to send you a photo of the kid it ends up with, and keep you posted on our progress with it to the best of our ability. This form helps us accomplish that, and arrange a safe delivery of the instrument from you to us.


- Shipping -
The best option for us would be if you could ship it to our HQ in Longmont, CO.
If you cannot cover shipping, let us know and we will look into it!
(We may also have an opportunity for you to ship directly to a school if the timing works.)

- Delivery -
If you are in the Colorado area, it can be dropped off at our HQ.

- Pickup -
If you are in route of somewhere we might be doing a workshop, we would be happy to pick it up from you.

Rural Community Music Empowerment Initiative GoFundMe:
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What shape is the instrument in? *
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Do you know of any schools or organizations who need our services? List below with if yes. Include contact information to those places if you have it. *
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