S.O.L.A.C.E. Youth Circle
S.O.L.A.C.E (Supporting Our Littles through Adverse Childhood Experiences)

A special Play and Learn Lab for youth 8-12 years old focused helping our children heal from ACES. The Black CDC, Martin and Muir Counseling and Play Cousins Collective will partner to host this 7 month program beginning March. 20th 2021.

Families raising Black children who have experienced an ACE are invited to enroll in this series of healing workshops celebrating resiliency, families of all shapes and sizes, and love as it transforms through separation and loss. Children will practice growth mindset skills and learn the power of communicating their feelings and how to manage them.

Each session will include games, art and discussion supported by Black therapists. Families will also be connected to a therapist to set up monthly sessions for their child. All insurance is accepted (financial support is also available for those uninsured).

Parents will have a have a safe space created for peer support and group check ins at the beginning middle and end of the program (see dates below). This space will be led by Martin and Muir Counseling and is an opportunity to share parenting struggles and receive updates on what your children will process during their sessions, including the language and methods used to encourage healing.

Circle Topics:
March 20th Black Boy Brilliance and Black Girl Magic
- Parent Group will also meet during this session
April 17th Self Expression /Feelings
May 15th Grief & Loss
- Parent Group will also meet during this session
June 19th Families Come in All Shapes and Sizes
July 17th Healing from trauma
August 21st Boundaries
- Parent Group will also meet during this session
September 18th Growth Mindset

12 students 7-12 years old
Every 3rd Saturday beginning March 20th

Registration is limited to 12 participants as a precaution in light of the pandemic. Social distancing and mask wearing will be implemented.
Please note that there will be a permission slip emailed to you that must be completed before your child is able to begin this program. We will have copies of the permission slip at the event as well.

Interest meeting 6pm March 4th
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As apart of the S.O.L.A.C.E. Youth Circle we are offering supportive therapy sessions with Martin and Muir Counseling. You will be contacted by a therapist on their team to set up short therapy sessions to support your child in their mental wellness. All therapy sessions will be virtual.
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