2019 Summer Lessons
These lessons are completely optional. We'd recommend doing a few, just to keep your child "in the zone". All classes last 90 minutes, are for a maximum of 6 children and cost £20. All lessons can be paid for with childcare vouchers.

Please only book sessions you know you can attend. You can change your mind, but if we don't find a replacement - you will be charged for the session.

If you say "Yes please" to any sessions, please use the comments section to say when you would like to come.

The tutor will either be Jan (J), Alison (A), Janette (D), Mike (M), Natalie (N) or John (S)

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Summer Course
The Summer Course is a series of ten lessons covering the most important topics in the exam.
Exam Technique *
[S1] Making the most of your time. Looking at exercises to improve exam technique. Parents welcome.
Maths A *
[S2] Basic arithmetic, decimals, fractions, percentages, scale and ratio.
Maths B *
[S4] Averages, probability and algebra
Maths C *
[S6] 2D and 3D shapes, area, perimeter, angles and volume.
Comprehension *
[S7] Tactics for getting better at comprehensions. For boys and girls.
Summer Recaps
In these sessions we will look again at the key parts of our weekly course. As pupils have already paid for the work, the cost is £15 for pupils and £20 for non-pupils. All sessions are 90 minutes long.
Maths - Decimals *
[MD] Adding, multiplying, dividing and subtracting decimals.
Maths - Percentages *
[MP] Creating a percentage, finding a percentage, growing and shrinking by a percentage. Short cuts.
Maths - Fractions *
[MF] Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.
Maths - Ratio *
[MR] Ratios, scale, maps. proportion, converting from ratios to fractions.
Maths - Algebra *
[MA] Creating expressions, solving equations, working with n.
Maths - Graphs *
[MG] Pie charts, bar charts, histograms, distance/time graphs and data handling.
Maths - 2D Shapes *
[MU] Triangles, quadrilaterals, angles, perimeter and area.
Maths - 3D Shapes *
[MV] Volume, surface area, estimating distances, volumes and weights.
Maths - Short cuts *
[MS] An overview of the various methods you can use to answers questions in seconds rather than minutes.
Maths - Worded Questions *
[MW] Practise breaking down worded questions into mathematical sums.
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