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Well done on winning a Carp Global prize, to make things easy for everyone we no longer require you to email us,

Simply complete the form below and we will send your prize out in the next postal / email run:

Important - Please read:

#1 Prizes are FREE, there is no obligation for us to send anything to anyone, we do this as a gesture of goodwill and for fun - but note PAID ORDERS will always take priority.

#2 Prizes will be sent royal mail and we only post once a week (Friday), please allow 14 days

#3 Emailing us with abuse / or commenting negative comments in the group will result in a ban, please be patient.

#4 No exchanges, no claiming for anyone else, no transfers.

#5 All prizes must be claimed by someone age 18 or over

#6 Prizes unclaimed after 20 days will be cancelled. (If you have already emailed and your prize has or has not arrived please consider that it has been sent / lost. New claims only (after 24/05/2018) will be accepted and processed)

#7 We reserve the right to change things without warning

#8 Please make sure you complete all fields, incorrect forms will not be accepted (we take no responsibility for losses through any means, prizes are sent as is and contents may vary)

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