WNKM 2019 Award Voting Form
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Senior Award *
Honors the senior whose action and attitudes over the years reflect a strong commitment to the improvement of WNKM swimming and diving. The senior honored by this award has aspired to make the WNKM family a motivated, loving, hard working team.
Outstanding Freshman Award *
Honors the freshman whose outstanding talent, attitude, and spirit have contributed to the team throughout the season. The individual honored by this award perseveres to reach his individual goals but also encourages and supports teammates in order to help the team surpass their goals as well
Most Improved Award *
Honors the most improved team member whose performance in ALL AREAS reminds us of what it takes to get to the next level.
Dedication Award - "Unsung Hero" *
Honors the individual whose dedication, hardwork, and overall pursuit of excellence emulates what WNKM is all about. This award is intended to honor the swimmer or diver who shows up each and every day ready to work hard and inspires their teammates during practice.
Spirit Award *
Honors the team member whose has contributed to the team in a positive way using their spirit, energy, and enthusiam for WNKM. The winner of this award is the swimmer with "WNKM Pride."
Diver Award *
Honors the outstanding diver whose has contributed to the WNKM program in attitude, dedication, and performance.
Most Valuable Performer *
Honors the swimmer or diver with outstanding performance, dedication, attitude, spirit, and qualities of leadership. This swimmer embodies what it means to be "WNKM Proud."
Super JV *
Honors the Junior Varsity Swimmer or Diver that has ambition and desire to become a better swimmer or diver next season and is most likely to swim or dive at the varsity level next year.
Captains 2020 - SELECT TWO

Listed below are the qualities and characteristics that should be present in Captains for the WNKM Swimming and Diving team.

Passionate: for the sport and for their teammates.
Trustworthy: knowing information on the team and knowing when to share this information
Knowledgeable: of the sport and the rules of the sport
Organized: keeps track of important dates including meets and practices times
Honest: with himself and teammates, no matter how challenging it may be
Listener: This is different than hearing
Flexible: demonstrates a willingness to put the team's needs in front of your own
Caring: compliments, acts in the team's best interest, respects others

Please keep these qualities in mind when voting for next year's Captains. This is NOT a popularity contest and your captains do NOT have to be the best swimmers or divers on the team. Your captains should be who you think will lead the team well. They are the people who do not let outside forces distract them from the goals of the team. They are the people who follow the above list to the fullest and aim to make the WNKM family something that incredible to be apart of.

Captains are the individuals that need to be our leaders on this team both in and out of the water.
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