Connections Program Mentee Questionnaire

We are excited to launch the RPCV Alliance for Ukraine's Connections Program! The Connections Program is for everyone - regardless of when you served and where you open to all Ukraine RPCVs, regardless of how long ago you completed your service, to support one another as we go through relocations, changes in career, and other transitions.  All can participate!  

The Connections Program will partner returning Volunteers with established RPCVs based on mentoring needs of the Volunteer, taking into account the unique challenges faced by RCPVs of color, LGBTQIA+ Volunteers, and those belonging to religious minorities.

The Alliance Connections Program has been informed by non dominant and dominant voices ---it reflects the inclusive voices representing all of us who served in Ukraine

If you would like to receive mentorship, please complete the below questionnaire and the Alliance will match you with a volunteer.
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