iLearnNYC 2017-2018 Registration Form

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    What is iLearnNYC?

    iLearnNYC is committed to preparing students for success in college and career by personalizing learning to meet the needs, motivations and strengths of each student. As an iLearnNYC school, you have access to online course content and digital resources that enhance the classroom learning experience for your students. iLearnNYC allows students to explore, learn, reflect and share their work online under the instruction of licensed NYCDOE teachers. As an iLearnNYC school you will have access to an assigned Implementation Manager who will provide on demand onsite and offsite support in implementing the iLearnNYC program. iLearnNYC's wikispace is an information repository for vendor, license, purchasing, support and training information. As more resources, training and other relevant information become available, we will continually update the iLearnNYC wikispaces. Use the links below for more information: Wikispaces: License and catalogue information: Vendor information: iLearnNYC Getting Started Guide


    All Middle Schools and High Schools are eligible to be enrolled in the iLearnNYC program. Current iLearnNYC schools must reapply.

    School Responsibilities

    Schools that believe that online learning will support personalized learning and lead to better student outcomes are most suited for this program. To that end, we ask that schools agree to the following: a) Demonstrate commitment to personalizing learning and interest in changing school practices to personalize learning. b) Identify iLearn coordinator as a single point of contact. c) Commit your iLearn team to attend required professional development sessions and learning walks in order to effectively manage your blended and online program. d) Participate in necessary surveys and research efforts. e) Purchase content licenses through iLearn.
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