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Registration is now open for St. George Sunday School 2021-2022


Today’s young people are taught to think, be independent, and prepare to enter a global society.
These are outstanding skills to have in a fast changing world. They also need to possess the
spiritual knowledge and comprehension of Orthodox Christianity framing one’s perspective on
social issues, morality, relationships, vocations, and life goals.

How much do your children know and live the Orthodox Faith?

"Orthodox Journeys" is a series of educational resources designed to foster an understanding and desire to grow closer to Jesus Christ through the riches of our Orthodox Faith.
We understand that Orthodox Christianity isn’t a set of rules or regulations on what not to do or eat.
Orthodoxy is a Way of Life, shaping who we are holistically, guiding how we interact with others and live in this world: our journey on the path to Salvation.
Our collection of full color handouts, study guides, parent overviews, and unit lessons provide children of all ages with the depth of knowledge on:
• Scripture
• Liturgy and Tradition
• Feasts, Fasts, and Saints
• Contemporary Social Issues
The goal of each unit is to help young people understand what we believe, why we believe it, and how to express and live out those timeless beliefs in the 21st century.
Each unit includes:
• Engaging content
• Timely topics
• Fun educational activities
• Discussion topics
• Questions and Answers

 Registration fee of $20 partially covers books and material. Registration Fee - $20 for the first child, $15 for each additional child


Children arrive at 9:40 am, enter Church, light candles, and venerate the Icons. Children in grades N – 1 are expected to sit with their families, while children in grades 2 – 12 sit in their labeled designated row with their teacher. At Holy Communion, those Sunday School children and staff who have prepared, will get on line first to receive Holy Communion and then proceed to their classrooms for their lesson. Children who have not prepared to receive may proceed to their classrooms at this time. Younger children may be escorted by a family member. After approximately 40 minutes of class time, after coffee hour has started, teachers will dismiss children into the hall for coffee hour.


Our teachers are dedicated volunteers, who give time for a) Sunday mornings, b) week-night meetings and education sessions, c) weekly hours to prepare lessons. Parents should appreciate this and inspire our children to do the same. Meanwhile, parents can support our school by reinforcing lessons at home, reviewing, asking questions, etc. Parental participation is essential.


The Completion Certificates are presented in May to children who have ten or less absences. Since there are approximately 32 class/church Sundays, a child should attend at least two-thirds of the year. Attendance pins are given to children with three or less unexcused absences. Excused absences are accepted if the parent notifies the teacher that the child was in another church, etc.

Parents your support is most necessary. If you have any questions please contact our office: or call 518-393-0742

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