The Jam Project 2021 - Parent Application Form
If your daughter is entering year 9 in 2021, please fill out this parent form to complete your daughter's application. All information will remain private and confidential. Please complete all mandatory sections of the form. If you have any questions about the program please contact: The Jam Project co-ordinator Naomi Swart on: 0413 456 348 or email:

The cost of the Jam Project is $280.00. For an extra $40.00 you can help ensure a subsidised place for another participant. *

Objectives of The Jam Project:
The Jam Project, aims to empower adolescent females in their transition to adulthood. The Jam Project
has identified that providing emotional support and connection during adolescence can foster a sense of self-worth, self-belief and independence. The program will address pivotal stages and topics that often require support during the teenage years. Echoing the vision of NCJWA Vic, ‘powering women and girls for a better world’, The Jam Project aspires to strengthen and empower young women in their development, fostering future leaders.

What your daughter will get out of the program:
- The opportunity to build a secure and trusting relationship with a female buddy between the ages of 21-28 years old
- Someone who will act as a sounding board to bounce ideas off to help navigate the following areas: personal, social, school and community involvement
- Be inspired by someone outside your daughter's inner circle who has successfully managed situations in their own lives and can provide your daughter with a different perspective on working through obstacles
- Increase self-confidence and enhance personal awareness and resilience

Year 9 Participant Commitment:
- To commit for the 12-month period
- Fortnightly catch ups with the buddy is essential
- Attendance at all group sessions is essential

Parent/Guardian Commitment:
- To actively assist in supporting your daughter/child in maintaining a positive relationship with the buddy
This will include: assistance in communication, transportation and notifying The Jam Project Co-ordinator in advance if your daughter is unable to attend a group session.

Processes and Requirements:
- Interviews and screening will take place for applicants and parents
- Applicants will be matched with a buddy in early 2021

* The cost of the Jam Project is $280.00. For an extra $40.00 you can help ensure a subsidised place for another participant. If you have any questions regarding the fee for The Jam Project please contact Naomi Swart directly on 0413 456 348 or email:
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