Project Thrive - Mentor Volunteer Sign Up 2019 | 2020
Thank you for volunteering to become a mentor for the Project Thrive Class VII! Your time and service will really make a difference in ensuring the academic transition and cultural success for many of our students at RISD. Once we receive enough Mentee Applications we'll use the form below to 'pair' Mentees with Mentors

Note for Returning Mentors: Please complete the below so we can update our records for the 2019-2020 year.

Notes: Orientation, (Dr. Love was scheduled).
- Welcome Dinner
- Liza be that person instead of Dr. Love
-Time commitment (one session a month)
- End of Fall Semester Celebration

BH Notes Reviewed 6/21/19

1) deleted components of a mentor, added types of mentor with link
2) Ready for review for Ulli and send out with mentors
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