Property Site Visit Request Form (MIIS)
Congratulations and welcome to the Middlebury Institute! Please complete this form below to make a housing visit request and someone will be in touch with you to visit the property on your behalf. Please allow up to five business days notice to request a visit.

Keep in mind that the housing market in Monterey County is extremely competitive and fast-paced.  Therefore it is important for you to respond quickly to the Housing GA's requests to meet for the initial conversation.  Many properties are on the market for a few days only, so timing is everything!  

Also note:
-The service is only available for deposited, confirmed students who plan to enroll in the next available term (i.e. fall 2024) 
- The visit is performed to verify location and existence of the rental. Housing GAs are not permitted to offer opinions or advice to you as an incoming student about where you choose to live. Please do not ask for their opinion. Thanks!
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Please list three times (in Pacific U.S. time) that you are available for a 15 minute call with a housing GA. This is a planning meeting to discuss the visit. *
Please list three days/times (in Pacific U.S. time) that you would like each property to be visited. Leave this blank if you have not contacted the property manager/landlord/owner yet. 
Is there anything else you'd like the housing GA or Student Services to know?
I understand that submitting this form does not guarantee a property site visit. This request is simply that - a request - and I understand I will be contacted to discuss next steps. I will not hold Middlebury, the Middlebury Institute, nor any of its representatives or community members liable should I not be satisfied or have issues with the housing situation I end up in. I understand that housing is my responsibility to obtain and the housing GA service is being offered as one support mechanism to help with my housing experience. (please type your full legal name and today's date) *
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