ITS Intern/Co-op Panel and Networking Session
For the ITS Intern/Co-op Panel and Networking Session on November 9th, we are looking for anyone who was had an IT related internship or co-op to come in to talk about the companies they have worked at. You can choose to be apart of the panel or be there to network with other students afterwards.

Some of the topics we hope to cover are:
- About your company and why you chose to work there
- Positions, projects, and tasks assigned
- Application and interview process
- Intern or Co-Op program
- Company Culture

This will be a great way for you to network with students who are seeking internships/co-ops, as well as, allow you to see what other companies are out there!

ITS Internship/Co-Op Form
Please fill out the following form if you are interested in participating in the panel. If not, we encourage you to fill out the form anyways so we can get a good idea of what companies ITP majors have worked for!
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Email Address
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ITP Emphasis
What year are you?
Name all the companies you have had an internship or co-op at. Include company name, location, and length internship/co-op.
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What job position(s) did you have? Include any projects and tasks you were assigned.
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Each member of the panel will say a short description of their company, job position, and answer any questions students may have.

An alternative to being apart of the panel would be to attend and network with other IT majors at the end of the meeting.

Would you like to be apart of the panel?
What actions did you take to prepare for the job application process? (Check all that apply)
What steps do you feel you took that were most important in landing your internship/co-op?
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Would you be interested in being a contact for students who are interested in applying for any internships/co-ops you have had in the past? We would send your name, email, company/job position, and short description of your experience, out to ITS members.
Thank you!
We will be providing a follow-up to those who are interested in participating.
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