Student survey
We suspect that teachers typically don't get critical feedback since students tend to approach only with praise. In addition, it can take time for information to sink in so you may not really know what you think about an experience until you've had time to sit with it. For these reasons, we request that you to respond thoughtfully to these questions and answer as freely as you can.
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What session(s) did you attend?
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How did you learn about the event?
How consistent with your expectations was the material presented?
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Details about your expectations:
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How would you rate the flow of the teaching event, i.e., were there sufficient breaks, enough time to cover the material, pace of the presentation?
Details about the event flow:
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If there was translation provided, how would you rate the clarity of the translation?
Details about translation:
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How comfortable did you feel interacting with Leslie, i.e., asking questions or getting clarification?
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very approachable
Details about interacting with Leslie:
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How comfortable were you in the physical space, i.e., sufficient room, temperature, lighting, etc.?
Details about physical space:
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Was there anything you didn't enjoy about the presentation?
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What overall rating would you give to the entire experience? *
Would you study with Leslie again?
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