L-January fads
Listen to these two radio hosts discussing January fads related to New Year's resolutions. Listen to the clips (https://soundcloud.com/natalialzam3-416695451/sets/2020_01_02_january-fads) and match each heading to one of the clips. Clip #0 is only intended as an introduction (there is no heading). There is one more heading than needed.
Match headings and clips *
8 points
a. Both hosts had agreed on choosing this term before sharing their lists.
b. This challenge may imply going the extra mile in your interests or abilities.
c. This challenge may call for extra expenses.
d. The hosts disagree about the suitability of this challenge
e. This term is related to the Arts
f. In his view, it’s an activity you should only take up in January.
g. This term may have two meanings
h. The hosts are unsure about the pronunciation of the term.
clip no 1
clip no 2
clip no 3
clip no 4
clip no 5
clip no 6
clip no 7
extra sentence
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