2019 Photography Permit Request
Fill in details for your photo permit request. All permits are approved subject to availability (please check our website at mortonarb.org for any scheduled events taking place at the Arboretum during your desired date); only three permits are issued per hour. We will contact you once the request has been approved.

Please allow 72-hour turnaround time for our response. Weekday (Monday - Thursday) permits are available from 7 AM - Sunset. Weekend (Friday- Sunday) permits are from 7 AM - 4 PM. We require three (3) business days to process all permits; otherwise a $25 late processing fee is added to last minute permits of less than three (3) full business days. Our rules, regulations and fees are listed below. Please note that this request form does not apply to commercial photo permits. Please email photography@mortonarb.org if you need more information.
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Weekday (Monday - Thursday) permits are available from 7 AM - Sunset. Weekend (Friday- Sunday) permits are from 7 AM - 3 PM. Only three (3) permits are issued on an hourly basis (e.g., 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM, etc.).
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Rules and Regulations
A permit is required for all posed formal photography and videography. Permit sales are subject to availability; the number of permits sold for each day is limited. Permits can be purchased in advance online or in the Visitor Center. Permits are good for 1.5 hours (90 minutes), except for weekends (Fri- Sun) for 1 hour (60 minutes) from scheduled time. The last permit is at 3 PM and MUST end at 4 PM. A minimum of three (3) full business days is required to process the permit; a $25 charge is added to last-minute requests of less than three business days.

Please adhere to the following guidelines to make your photography session successful and enjoyable.
• Please be mindful that wedding ceremonies and other events may be taking place in close proximity to the allowed photography locations. If members of a photography party are boisterous or unruly they will be asked to leave the Arboretum and photography and admission fees will not be refunded.
• The Arboretum is a living museum. Exercise care when setting up photography equipment. Do not walk or stand in garden beds or on plants. Do not block pathways or roads.
• No photography is permitted in the Maze or Children’s Gardens or in any Arboretum buildings. The permit does not include access to any Arboretum buildings for the purpose of photography. Access to photo locations may be restricted at the Arboretum’s discretion.
• Smoking, alcohol, and pets are NOT ALLOWED on the Arboretum grounds.
• The use of drones is strictly prohibited.

If you have questions, please email us at photography@mortonarb.org.
Arrival Instructions
Please show the Gatehouse attendant a copy of your permit upon arrival. Security personnel may also ask for a copy of your permit to verify the number of people in your party.
Parking Instructions
Visitor Center area: Photography parties may be dropped off in front of the Visitor Center. Vehicles must park in the main parking lot (P-1).

Thornhill Education Center area: Use Thornhill parking lot (P-21). It is a short walk to Joy Path and the Fragrance Garden. Dropping off in front of the Thornhill Education Center or on the road is not permitted.

Lake Marmo area: Use Parking Lot 27 (P-27). Roadside parking is not permitted.
Photo Permit Fees
The permit fee includes the Arboretum entry fee for all members of the photography party. See chart below for current prices. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. For Prom pictures, parents and other guests are charged at a discounted rate of $10 per person (youth 2-17 are free). Your permit fee supports the mission of the Arboretum. The use of a credit card is the preferred method of payment.

Permit fees are nonrefundable. In case of inclement weather, email photography@mortonarb.org on the day of your photo shoot to reschedule.
Photo Permit Fee Table
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