Hippie Korea Lecture Series: May 2021
Wow! 2020 hit us hard..
But 2021 is starting with a new vibe and a new opportunity for us and our Community.
We are happy to present you a new Series of "Online Lectures" which all of you can attend - FREE of CHARGE!
We are so happy, we applied and got selected by the SWCIC and thus can offer this wonderful Lecture Series for you in May and in June, 2021

For the May Lecture Series:

→ If you miss our Korean Culture Lectures like Prof. David Mason, you can meet our favorite lecturers again with a series of wonderful insights on passion, life and values of Korean Heritage Sites.
→ If you live in Korea but miss exotic foods from S.E.Asia.. you can join our Filipino food lectures
→ If you always wanted to understand how diverse India is, join our "Incredible India " Lecture Series

All the details of each lecture as listed below:

Each Lecture will be presented in English and certain support will be given in Korean.
Subtitles hopefully available in Korean.

For any questions, send us a mail: hippiekoreacommunity@gmail.com
The Lectures will be Entertaining, Insightful and simply enriching.

For the Zoom Lecture:
- A Link with the Zoom Lecture will be shared with the registries below.
- You might have to install the application - but it is free of charge.
- You will have the chance to ask questions via " Chat" or "raise your hand" for the Q & A Session at the end of each lecture.
- 90 Global & Local Participants can join the Zoom Lecture
David Mason Lectures May 13th & May 20th at 7pm ~ 9pm Prof. David Mason will show and explain why an ordinary American from Michigan, having no contact with Oriental cultures, became fascinated with Korean national treasures such as its scared sites on mountains, and Korean spiritual traditions. Telling many colorful stories about visiting great cultural sites for the first time, his impressions and feelings – while showing many photos from those events. Every Participant can learn a lot about how a specific foreigner views Korean heritage in a positive way.
Incredible India - Yoga, a Holistic Approach (Fri, May 14th, 7pm ~ 9pm) Two amazing Indian Ladies will share their insights on Yoga as a practical guide for a healthier living. Yoga is part of the Indian heritage and it can bring many health benefits. Engaging a child's mind, body and spirit promotes their physical and emotional health. A session on " a holistic approach - kids Yoga" by experienced Instructor from KTN Online Digital School in South Korea and Ms Kaur, M.P.T and Chief Physiotherapist will explain and demonstrate basic Yoga Asanas, Surya Namaskar, basic Pranayam for the Kids to improve their flexibility and breathing capacities which can be helpful specially during this pandemic.
Jabbie Rosario (GSIS ): Fun with Filipino Food (Thu, May 27th, 7pm ~ 9pm) Ms. Rosario will showcase the Filipino Culture centered around its favorite food. She will directly demonstrate how to cook delicious Filipino Staple food that is beloved throughout the world. Follow us and see - that it is easy to cook and enjoy foods from the Philippines also in Korea.
Indian Ladies in Suwon & Rhythmic Feet: Incredible India ( Fri, May 28th, 7pm ~ 9pm) India is a land of Unity in Diversity, India has one fo the world's largest collections of songs, music, dance, folk traditions and its often known as the "intangible cultural heritage". We will showcase the best part of our rich Indian Cultural Heritage and traditions. Come and join for this entertaining and insightful lecture presented by your Suwon Indian Citizens.
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