The RIUH Show - Application Form
1. What is The RIUH Show?
This is a digital campaign to showcase online performances from the performing arts sector. We aim to serve as as a marketing platform and to as well as to enable fans engagement fans with artists.

2. Where will it be held?
This campaign will be based from unique locations that we will reveal once we get closer to the date.

3. Who can take part?
We welcome all aspiring performing arts talents to apply. Whether you are a solo singer or a group, musicians or dancers or any that falls under the performing arts sector

4. When is the application deadline?
Our application is open from the 15th of February to 15th of March 2021

5. When will we know if we are selected?
We will be contacting selected talents via email between 16th March to 16 April 2021.

6. Will we get paid if we are selected?
Yes, certainly. Our aim is to support our local talents, their crafts & their livelihood during these trying times.

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