ATA Trials Survey
Please answer a few questions to help shape the future of ATA Trials.
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How many Ontario trials events did you ride in 2018?
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What line did you mostly ride?
How far would you travel for an event?
Which was your favourite event in 2018?
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Why was that your favourite event?
Sections, loops, organization, checkers, etc.
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Which was your least favourite event in 2018?
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Why was that your least favourite event?
Sections too hard, too easy, loop too long, too short, Checkers, No checkers, Poor organization, etc.
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Do you compete in any other motorized competition?
MX, Enduro, Vintage Trials, Vintage MX, etc.
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Do you intend to compete in 2019?
Do you see any value in the ATA continuing to sanction and insure events through the CMA?
Would you prefer a different sanctioning body? i.e. AMA, WEC, OO, MMIC, other
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What do you think the entry fee should be for a competition?
Should the ATA offer a discount for a Family?
How many events would you like to ride in a trials season?
Do you prefer 1 or 2 day events?
Do your friends know about the Clubman Class?
Do you prefer awards at each event, or series awards at a year end banquet?
Are you prepared to volunteer some of your time to help the ATA in 2019, for the following jobs? Check all that apply.
Are you happy with the status quo, or would you like to change something for 2019?
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Any other comments
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