Little Dribbler's Boot Club
Use this form when purchasing and replacing your boots. The $100 payment enables you to choose 4 new pairs of boots or 1 new and 5 used pairs of boots. Your first pair of boots are always new. Used Boots are checked to make sure they are in good condition. Our Boots sell individually for $40/pair.
Boots are supplied one pair at a time. Once your current pair are too small you send them back to be replaced.
The process is this.
1) Pay your $100 to the account listed below
2) Complete the form below making sure you have measured and ordered the correct size for your feet. (we will swap them within one week if the size in not right)
3) Choose how you want them delivered. Slow mail, Courier or pick up at the park (Only available at Little Dribblers venues or our secret hideout in Petone) Delivery Fees may apply.
Payments - A one off payment of $100 Club Fee plus delivery fees, if applicable, each upgrade.
We will keep track of quantities.
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Boot Size *
To measure your foot stand on a ruler with your heel on zero and measure to the end of your foot. Add a minimum of 10 mm and check the measurements below (Don't add more the 20mm or you will trip over the toe) The length shown in mm is the inside measurement of the boot.
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New/Used *
Your first pair of boots are always new. After you can choose 3 more pairs of new boots or 5 pairs of used boots.
Delivery *
How would you like to receive your boots?
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