Clark County Children's Choir Registration - Spring 2019
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ALL Classes Meet on TUESDAYS @ the Somerset Academy SKYPOINTE Campus (7038 OR 7058 Sky Pointe Drive, LV 89131)
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We need each parent to volunteer their time each season in order to accomplish the goals we have set and maintain our level of excellence and minimal tuition status. Please select which category you feel you talents/capabilities would best be utilized. You may select more than one.
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Crescendo & Cappella WOMEN only -- UNIFORM DRESSES *
We require all Crescendo & Cappella Women to wear our concert black dress. The cost of the dress is $65 and it will then be yours to keep. We recognize that the singers are contstantly growing from season to season and encourage members to exchange dresses to accommodate sizes. We also have a buy back program to help keep your singer in the size they need. Specific information will be given at the parent orientation meeting at the beginning of the season. Please indicate below if your singer will need to purchase a new dress.
Program Participation Donation *
The CCCC Board feels strongly that music should be open to everyone regardless of financial situation. Our low contribution per singer is unprecedented, and we ask that you donate this amount for each participant. Our dues cover all uniform costs EXCEPT dress purchases for Crescendo & Cappella ladies. IF YOU FEEL YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION CANNOT ACCOMMODATE THIS, PLEASE CONTACT A MEMBER OF THE CCCC BOARD WHO WILL ASSIST YOU WITH FUNDRAISING OPTIONS.
Participation Agreement *
I agree to follow CCCC Attendance and Participation Agreement - I understand that if attendance minimums are not met or dress rehearsal is missed, my singer will NOT be able to participate in the season end concert. Both the singer and parent must sign a copy and bring it with them to their first rehearsal or class.
Preferred Method of Payment *
We have a PayPal & Venmo Account to allow for participants to pay their registration in advance and in whatever means they choose. Please select if you would prefer pay via PayPal/Venmo, or in person at our season orientation or your singer's first class/rehearsal.
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