ANU BP Practice Day Sign-Up

ANU Debating is hosting a British Parliamentary (BP) Practice Day on Saturday 12 August, featuring three pre-tabbed rounds.

All debaters will be required to adjudicate one of the three rounds – if you are new to adjudicating, you will be put on a panel with someone experienced.

You will debate with someone different in each debate. Teams will be pro-am (where possible).

A pro is someone who has debated at least twice at Easters, AND/OR at least once at Australs, AND/OR at least once at Worlds. However, you are automatically a novice if you're a first year. If you don’t understand what these things mean, you are probably a novice.

Although we can’t guarantee your preferences will be met, you can preference people you would like to debate with.

Registration will close at midnight on Thursday 10 August. Attendance is FREE!

Please see the Facebook event for further information. If you have any questions, please send us a message, or email us at

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