Mehelle Project QA Tester Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to be a QA tester for the relaunch of the Mehelle website! Below we'll outline the goals of the project and some brief instructions on how to fill out this form. With your help we can continue to improve Mehelle before our public launch later this year.

"Mehelle is a digital mapping and documentary film project dedicated to preserving the sights, sounds, and memories of rapidly-changing neighborhoods. Utilizing a unique combination of modern tools like digital mapping and 360 degree video with traditional documentary photography and film, Mehelle serves as a resource for local inhabitants, community organizers, and urban researchers long after such neighborhoods have been demolished, gentrified, or transformed by private and state-led construction projects."

Project Goals:
1) To provide a strong geographical framework that encourages audience exploration
2) To capture and intertwine a wide range of perspectives on Sovetski, from top-down urban planning of the city, to the stories of individual residents
3) To limit the 'director's framing', encouraging the audience to discover the project along their own path without feeling guided by the project creators
4) To 'archive' the neighborhood of Sovetski, capturing and preserving its unique architecture, residents' stories, urban planning, and atmosphere

Instructions: With the above goals in mind please spend a minimum of 30 minutes on, taking time to do the following in any order
1) Run ten (10) text searches in the search bar on the 'list' page and record the results
2) This form has four sections of questions. Many of these questions are not required to complete and submit the form. We encourage you to answer as many as you are able to as more feedback will allow us to create a better final website. However if you are unable to answer more questions for any reason please still submit your form.
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