CBES Parent Survey 2019
Cedar Bluff Elementary is welcoming and friendly.
Cedar Bluff’s staff respects and values all types of families.
Cedar Bluff Elementary provides multiple family engagement opportunities.
Cedar Bluff communicates with me in multiple ways regarding important topics and events.
It is easy to communicate with my child’s teacher.
Dr. Cottrell is accessible when needed.
Assistant principals are accessible when needed.
Cedar Bluff provides adequate information about my child’s progress.
Cedar Bluff teachers provide opportunities for me to learn to support my child’s learning at home.
Cedar Bluff communicates how the school is performing overall.
I have opportunities to voice my concerns.
Cedar Bluff Elementary ensures fair treatment and access to learning opportunities for all students.
Cedar Bluff Elementary has an effective PTSA.
Cedar Bluff Elementary works with community partners to strengthen families and support student success.
Please share any other praises or concerns regarding Cedar Bluff Elementary.
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