2019 Herbstalk Teacher Application
Thank you for your interest in teaching at Herbstalk 2019, taking place on June 1st & 2nd at the Armory in Somerville, MA!

Before applying please check out the following links to learn about our mission, values & team...

OUR VALUES: http://www.herbstalk.org/core-values.html
OUR MISSION: http://www.herbstalk.org/our-mission.html
WHO WE ARE: http://www.herbstalk.org/who-we-are.html


Our teachers provide high quality, inspirational and practical herbal classes on a range of topics.

In exchange, Herbstalk teachers receive:

➵ One free weekend pass to Herbstalk 2019 to attend all non-intensive classes and plant walks
➵ Promotion on the Herbstalk website, blog, and through our social media channels
➵ High visibility to an enthusiastic audience of herbal students during the event

Please fill out and submit the following Teacher Application no later than February 15, 2019. You may submit up to two class ideas. We can unfortunately not accommodate late applications.

Herbstalk 2019 classes will be designated as follows:

➵ BEGINNER (no prior herbal knowledge necessary, i.e plant walks, medicine-making classes; 1.5 hours long)
➵ INTERMEDIATE (prior herbal knowledge is helpful; 1.5 hours long)
➵ INTENSIVE (advanced topics; 2 hours long // very limited space available for teaching intensives)

*** We encourage creative class submissions on herbal topics that are inspiring, practical, unusual and/or out-of-the-box. We are also looking for classes that have not been taught in previous Herbstalk years, and we aim to offer classes that reflect ALL voices in the herbal community. Please read our Values page above for more info. ***

➵ This year the plant-of-the year is NETTLE so we wish to offer an in-depth class on Nettle on both days.

➵ We will review applications as soon as possible and notify you once the schedule is decided in early March.

➵ Due to the large number of submissions, we regret we cannot accept all applications. We will give preference to classes that are *new* and have not been taught at Herbstalk in previous years. We also cannot guarantee that if you have taught at Herbstalk in the past that you will be automatically accepted, as it is important that we vary our teachers and class topics as much as possible from year to year.

➵ Likewise, due to space constraints applicants will unfortunately not be able to both vend AND teach, with the potential exception of community partners.

Please email us at info@herbstalk.org with any questions or sponsorship inquiries. Thank you very much for your interest in participating in Herbstalk!

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