***REGISTRATION CLOSE*** Peace Meal's Fast Club - An Invitation
The Moon is full
So the food is free
15 Rabiul'akhir 1444
10 Nov 2022, Thursday

A Free Dinner Invitation
*A Ladies Only Special*

The simplest recommendation the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave on fasting was to do so three days of the month when the Moon is full.

We're giving out dine-in free meals to anyone who commits to any form of fasting on this day.

**If you'd like to donate money for the meals, WhatsApp +60122025466
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Your name please? Do register one name at a time. You can register on someone's behalf no problem but DO NOT use your name. Use their name.
And what is your phone number? We might contact you to remind you on the day you committed. And also to send you future announcements specifically on #PMFastClub. You can opt to be removed. *
I acknowledge the date for a free meal from Mukha Cafe *
Please select the option available for the free meal *
Dates, Ice Lemon Tea or Ice Peach Tea, and desserts will be serve as well. It's not just about free food but helping make a blessed gathering go well and avoiding wastage and respecting others and.. *

Once Arrive at the cafe, please direct yourself to the friendly cafe staff member(s) (Mukha Cafe) that you are a participant of the program and you have registered. Let them know the name (there might be a same name from different individuals) and the valid phone number that has been registered so they can acknowledge from the list on that day and serve you accordingly. (Take note that they do not know you personally and you just might be the cafe customer on that day)
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