FREE Lunch/Breakfast Plan for Hillsboro Students during COVID-19:
Hillsboro students will be out of the school buildings for another week. We will be able to provide FREE breakfast and lunch to ALL of our children in our community.
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Hillsboro School will be providing meals (breakfast and lunch), Monday through Friday, for all children ages 1-18 years old while school buildings are closed. Are you interested in this service? *
If you are NOT interested in meals, please exit the survey.                                                           If you ARE interested, please have only one person - per household fill this survey.
Your last name: *
Your first name: *
Best way to contact you? Cell number or email: *
Number of children 1-18 years old in your household needing meals: *
Meal pickup will be daily until further notice,
I am able to pick up the meals at the elementary lunchroom door #2 between 10:30AM and 12:30PM DAILY. *
If you have any questions about this survey please call the High School Office at 636-4360, or leave a comment below and we will answer you directly.
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