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Graduate Student Life invites you to submit any information on events, announcements, and job listings relevant to graduate students. Your information will be included in our weekly email sent to all registered graduate students each Thursday. Please submit your information by Tuesday at 12:00 PM to have it included in the current week's email. Otherwise it will be sent out in the next available message or at an appropriate later date as specified in your submission form. Graduate Student Life reserves all editorial rights for the newsletter and submissions. We will try to include all announcements; however, we cannot guarantee that all submissions will appear each week.


Graduate Student Mass Electronic Mailings Policies                                                      


Electronic mail is an increasingly effective resource to deliver information to members of the university student population in a timely and efficient manner. The following policy was developed to insure mass graduate student electronic mailings are consistent with the academic, research and administrative objectives of the university, and are distributed in a coordinated manner that safeguards against overuse of the resource.


Graduate Student mass electronic mailing messages should meet a majority of the following criteria; they should be:

*Of broad interest to the graduate student population
*Administrative announcements from a campus department of critical importance
*Of an urgent, emergent or time-sensitive nature;
    - Up to one short paragraph of information (≈3-5 sentences)
    - Additional information, if available, should be made available via a link to a Web page
    - Attachments and pictures will not be included in the weekly email

​General Guidelines

Examples of messages consistent with MaestroMailer criteria include: 
-Important deadlines relevant to all graduate students
-Non-discipline specific graduate assistant position announcements (e.g. Residence Life, GSL, Campus Rec, etc.)
-New and/or upcoming administrative programs of broad interest to the graduate student population.
-Examples of messages not consistent with these criteria include:
-Campus events or announcements specific to only a subset of the graduate student population (including those from academic departments and student organizations, with the exception of Graduate Student Government),
-Advertising, or other promotional material (See the end of this document for alternative marketing avenues for events that are not consistent with MaestroMailer criteria)
-Social Media Guidelines and Policies

Must be relevant to the graduate student population.
Must include either a jpg image or website link for the announcement.
Please include your social media handles if you have such accounts.
Note on alternative marketing avenues for events that are not consistent with MaestroMailer criteria or Social Media guidelines: For message content that does not meet a majority of these criteria, other potential options are available including FYI Listserv lists, the Diamondback, Outlook, the university calendar, Graduate Student Government listservs, or appropriate departmental newsletters and calendars. 

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