2018 UK Application Form
The School of Leadership is hosted in the UK by City Church Sheffield on behalf of ChristCentral Churches Worldwide (part of Newfrontiers) Registered Charity No. 1151447

This form is to be completed by applicants who wish to be considered for the course in Sheffield, UK. This is held two days per month on a Thursday and Friday between September and June at The Jubilee Centre, Wilson Road, Sheffield. S11 8RN.

A copy of our publicity leaflet showing COURSE DATES, the SYLLABUS OVERVIEW and the FEES is available to view at www.christcentralchurches.org/training.

If you have any problems completing this form please email: schoolofleadership@christcentralchurches.org

In Question 6 we ask for a brief testimony. We recommend you prepare this before starting the form.

In Question 13 we will ask for your consent to store your data in compliance with EU Data Protection Law.

1. Personal details
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We serve meals on School of Leadership. Do you need a special diet? *
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Would you like to stay with church hosts if space is available? *
There will be a limited amount of overnight accommodation available with hosts from City Church Sheffield. Once those spaces are allocated applicants will need to make their own accommodation arrangements. We can give you further information on places to stay.
How will you travel to Sheffield? *
Parking is very limited at The Jubilee Centre where we hold the training modules. We ask trainees to use public transport or car share wherever possible. It may be necessary sometimes for you to park on residential roads a ten minute walk away from the building.
The fees for School of Leadership are due in full the September you start the course and again when you start your second year. We would prefer them in full each September to simplify our administration, but are willing to invoice half-yearly if making the whole year payment in one go causes difficulties. Please select your preferred option below:
Paying the yearly Course Fees *
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Provide email address for invoice: *
Invoices will be emailed. Please tell us the email address where the invoice is to be sent to:
Please be aware with this that once you have started the course the full amount for that year is still payable even if you drop out part way through the year unless we can fill your place on the course. *
Please check the box to indicate you understand the terms
Your application will not be processed until we have received a reference from one of your elders and confirming their support of you doing the course.
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We like every person doing School of Leadership to have a mentor to meet with after each module to discuss what has been learned. We will send your mentor a topic summary each month with some helpful set questions to assist this discussion.

Please discuss with your Elder(s) the most suitable person to fulfill this role for you. It is best if this person is someone you can learn from, and can be someone in leadership from another church, i.e. if you are in a church plant.

Name of Mentor *
Email address of Mentor: *
11. ADDITIONAL STUDY - Moorlands College
We can offer the opportunity for further academic study through our partnership with Moorlands College. Enrolled students who pass set assignments can achieve the Moorlands Diploma, which can then be used to gain advanced standing for entry onto year 2 of the Moorlands BA in Applied Theology course. There is an additional annual fee to take part in this scheme.
Further Study
The School of Leadership is hosted by City Church Sheffield on behalf of ChristCentral Churches Worldwide (part of Newfrontiers) Registered Charity No. 1151447

The tuition base address is:- The Jubilee Centre, Wilson Road, Sheffield. S11 8RN.

If you have any further questions then please type it in the box below, or email ROBINA COUSINS on schoolofleadership@christcentralchurches.org
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